12_IMG_4979 croppedTangbox Designs is start-up design/build company specializing in woodworking and furniture.

Our mission is to create artistic epiphanies, not lacking functional purpose. We aim to reveal the natural beauty of exotic wood. And strive to find the qualities that make certain designs timeless.

Our vision is to create a sustainable company that exemplifies timeless design.

We value creative thinking, design prowess, and attention to detail. We value design that stimulates people in a tangible, tactile, interactive, experiential, and emotional context.

My background is in architecture: 5 year accredited Bachelors of Architecture at Cal Poly San Luis Obispo, 1 year abroad in Denmark studying Danish design, and 8 years at an award winning architecture firm. Building design though, is littered with elements that have little to do with design…building code, zoning, city/public review boards, developers, etc. I needed more creative freedom, I wanted to be more in touch with my clients, and I desired a finished product with a faster turn-around time that was still challenging my creative skills. Important to me is being deeply involved design & construction and the directly experiencing client appreciation for my work. So I scaled back the project size, refocusing my design passion towards furniture and woodworking.